Edgar Mittelholzer

Guyana's Greatest Novelist (1909-1965)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Meditations of a Man Slightly Drunk

I came, and they drunkened me lightly

With a medley of liquors.

There was falernum,

There were literary disagreements,

Poetical dissonances.

Yet, but chiefly there was rum

They talked to me of stanzas,

The ancient and the very modern.

They broached even painting,

Haggled about form,

Over Epstein concorded with reverence.

Yes, but chiefly there was rum.

We jabbered of pendulums,

Pendulums that swung like my vision.

They gesticulated and bawled -

Ranting about matter,

Eulogizing imagery.

Yes, but never forgetting the rum.

We slashed at Swinburne,

And we justly kicked old Kipling.

We grimaced dreadfully at Pater,

How we hacked poor Donne,

And sniffed at Rupert Brooke !

Though, always, always, mind,

There was the rum !

Edgar Mittelholzer

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