Edgar Mittelholzer

Guyana's Greatest Novelist (1909-1965)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Caribbean Woman" by Bajan Italia

she is the deffusion of Bahia
with the strength of a boriqua
resembling a bajan queen
with the riddim of St. Lucia
hips that sway towards the Grenadines
her blood runs in the Banks of Calcutta
through the diamond mines of mozambique
her soul sleeps in Barcelona
as she resides in the "land of waters"
shall you memorize her Morugan melodies
mimic her patois
tantilize over her sun-kissed skin
label her as beauty
from the land of rice and beans
though she prefers dhal purrie and peas
dosen't mean she'll be pregenant at the age of sixteen
never let them cross your borders
dillute you with western dreams
dont exchange gold for residency
oil for cocola companies
intoxicate them with ur sweet aroma
of mur and palm
never forget your sisters that live across foreign seas

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